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521: A Menagerie of Archetypes

We're all familiar with the archetypal alien abduction scenario. You wake up in your bed. You can't move. Short gray humanoids with big black eyes surround you. They whisk you off to some other place for painful and humiliating procedures and then mostly wipe your memory of the event, at least in the short term. People have reported encounters with a whole menagerie of alien types. Some are beautiful and benevolent, others monstrous and hostile. But with the Grays, their intentions seem self-interested, but they're mostly just unfathomable. Larry Lowe describes how this narrative coalesced in the late 80s and early 90s and cemented itself as our cultures dominant schema for contact with alien intelligence.


Additional materials and links supplied by Larry:

There is an enormous amount of 'Projected motive' in the various tales told most of which is homocentric.
The grays are interested in reproduction because they themselves cannot reproduce.
How much sense, exactly, does that make?  None, really.
Raymond Fowler    The (Betty) Andreasson Affair Paperback – May 23, 1980
Great art - the origin of the look, IMHO
Budd Hopkins    Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods     Mar 12, 1987
Whitley Strieber   Communion: A TRUE STORY Hardcover – 1987
Budd Hopkins  Missing Time Mass Market Paperback – March 12, 1988
David Jacobs   Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of Ufo Abductions Paperback – April 16, 1993
John Mack   Abduction: Human Encounters with AliensDec 15, 2009
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  1. Larry Lowe on March 20, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    Imagining a group of alien types in a secret base observing Earth, I get this:

    There are three basic factions at play here, based on the primary points of view:

    The Reptilians: These guys tend to be predatory. They are watching Earth with envy and concern. They generally adhere to the groups non-interference policy, but just barely. They would as soon get things out in the open and take over the place, but the sheer numbers of humans and the opinion of the other two groups hold them at check.

    The New-Agers: These guys are the senior citizens of the UFOPNNE. They watch, advise contacts and enforce the non-intervention policy. They take the high moral road, but at the same time are frustrated with what they see going on in terms of overpopulation (primary), environment (a result) and war behavior.

    The Other Tenants: These are the guys who to a larger degree and for longer times live on earth in covert isolation. They are a motley crew, usually less advanced than the New-Agers and generally less warlike than the Reptilians. They are the swing vote, although they straddle the point of view of non-intervention.

    With that dynamic established you can devise all kinds of debate among them with the issues you intend to address. Each group has a number of species/races and are not always homogeneous in opinion within a group.


    Alpha – Draconians These guys are the most militant. They lived here long ago. Moved out for reasons to be determined. Say they used up the resources. They are remorseful about that decision and want to come back and retake control.

    The Tall Greys These guys have an active agenda which treats humanity more like wild game than the dominant lifeform on the planet. They run the abduction program. They are the ones who ran out of road with their cloning and self improvement DNA manipulation. They need human DNA and cattle DNA which is similar to conduct their research and experimentation. They are running a hybrid program in an attempt to dehumanize their race. They are generally a bit desperate and as a result don’t pay much attention to the non-intervention doctrine. On the other hand, they don’t want to dominate earth, or particularly live here. They are here for the genes.

    The Zetas These guys are from Zeta Retuli and have a very similar agenda to the Tall Greys. They are often seen with the tall grays and often confused with the short grey bio-bots.

    The short Greys/Eva-Borg. These guys are the worker android bio-bots and they come in many models. They are somewhat mindless and considered expendable by their creator/masters.

    Iguanids. These are nasty fellows. They have mastered mind control and manipulate humans for the hell of it. They are in everyone else’s way, but don’t really care. They maintain a membership in the UFOPNNE primarily to keep tabs on what other species are up to and stay out of the way. They will partner up with the Draconians when it’s mutually beneficial and there is not much risk involved.

    MIB These are a particular model of bio-bot that is more passible as human than not. They are the plumbers used by various groups, mostly the tall greys, to clean up the evidence post-contact. They are blue-collar, just working for a living and doing their job. They have no sense of humor whatsoever.


    Arcturians These blue big brain cavity, ancient types are the senior citizens of this class. They have the longest experience as advanced sentience and thus the greatest perspective. They are convinced the coming chaos is the period when the most conscious of humanity can make the leap from the top rung of the primates to the bottom rung of the New-agers. They speak softly and carry a big wand. They win the discussion through reasoned diplomacy. We hope they prevail.

    Andromedas These folks have pretty much evolved past flesh incarnation, but can present themselves as ‘light beings’. They are bored with the concerns of those species still operating primarily as material flesh items. They offer pithy spiritual wisdom, but little pragmatic advice or utility. The Arcturians are patient with these guys to a degree, but afterward consider them less than useful. They are too far past what is actually going on on earth to be really helpful. Does not take much for an Andromedan contact to morph into a religion. The church of Mormon is a good example of a contact that spawned a human movement.

    Tau Cetians These guys are the Sophomores to the Pleadians as juniors to the Acturians as the seniors in the group. They’re more human than not, just better behaved. They were scouting around when they ran into Travis Walton. They make use of the bio-bots to do their bidding. Which is mostly curiosity and the odd warning about nuclear weapons.

    The Annunaki They came long ago and founded Sumerian culture. Once it was underway, they retreated to see how it would do. It slowly declined and they are waiting out western technological civilization. After the coming chaos depopulates the earth, they are going to try again. They make an unusual use of gold in their life process. You can mine Zechariah Sitchin for details. They were the Nefilim of the Bible. They got us through the great floods of ancient literature. A number of them appeared as Quetzoquaotal types in South America. They want to see the meat humans evolve into better ones. Not as lofty a goal as the Arcturians or Andromedas

    The Janosains. They are there as returning exo-humans. They’ve fired up human civilizations on many other planets. To a degree, Earth is a bit of a lost cause. But they know a big change is coming and are contemplating what to do when it occurs. They tend to partner with the Tau Cetians and the Annunaki and thus form something of a voting block.

    Pleiadians Not much post human as these types do, they fly around and show up to be benign and advise us to behave. You can mine the early work of Billy Meier for details. After about 1985 or so, everything coming out of his is suspect if not obviously made-up. One of them was a guy called Jesus, who had an effect on human religion.

    Lyrians, Ummites. Variations on advance species making the occasional covert contact with the typical warnings.

    Other Tenants:

    Atlans These guys live under the Hopi/Navajo reservation in the four corners area. The Hopi Prophecy speaks of them as the ant people who took humans underground to preserve the human species at the time of the great change from the third world to this world, the fourth. They are well aware that the transition from the forth to the fifth world is imminent and will be chaotic. They want to continue their tradition of aiding humanity. Other groups, primarily the Reptilians, want to take the coming period of chaos as a window of opportunity to take over.

    Dwarfs These guys are scofflaws, unkempt and without a moral agenda other than to keep about their business while all hell is breaking loose on a planet where they lurk in the fringes of the shadows at night. They are ephemeral in nature and it’s not clear exactly where they come from and go back to is actually here on earth.

    The Tall Whites. Small scattered enclaves of these folks make earth their home. They can just barely pass for human if properly dressed. Their goal is simply to survive in obscurity serving for co-existance. There is a nest of them in Nevada.

    The Moth Men. Theses guys are like the Bigfoot/Yeti, only they don’t operate in packs. They exist here, but don’t do much more than that. You get sightings usually at a distance, but no close contact. In medieval times they spawned the legends of the Dragons.

    The Nordics A somewhat post-human species that live on earth in some numbers. Quite passible for humans if dressed properly. And quite attractive. They are just living here in semi-obscurity. No particular agenda other than to get by and enjoy what the planet has to offer.

    Sirians These folks are fish-people and have communities in deep water. They are curious, but unconcerned about humans. They share the planet, however they are irritated by the militant navies of the world running high powered sonar and other devices in their world.

    The Coming Chaos:

    Chet Snow, in his book Mass Dreams of the Future, recounts the results of some 1500 hypnotic progressions into the future. The results are very spotty from about 2020 to 2025, after which 3 distinct civilizations are reported. But few of the participants could view the coming turmoil and the reports are inconsistent among them.

    Hal Puthoff and his posse did a bunch of Remote Viewing of the Future, which is similar to Future Progression Hypnosis. He got the same set of results in roughly the same time period. Few of his viewers could get a good lock on events in the coming period of chaos.

    The prime timeline is highly erratic during this period and all bets are in effect, off. This has to do with a massive shift of the electromagnetic field of the planet, which happens roughly ever 40,000 years or so. We are at the end of roughly 40k years of stability. Reality as perceived by humans is stabilized by the earths magnetic field. When it goes into flux, so does personal reality to a degree. Consensus reality is merely the resonance of personal realities. There is consensus when the Earth’s magnetic field is stable. Much less when it goes into flux during a pole-flip (electromagnetic North dissolves from the North pole and re emerges at the South Pole).

    Opportunist species of the UFOPNNE want to take the opportunity to eradicate or subjugate humanity. The Other Tenants want to provide lifeboats to ride out the storm. The New-Agers want to use the process to filter out the lesser conscious humans and give the remainder the change to evolve to something more like who they are.

    You can mine Edgar Casey for some of this along with Hopi Prophecy. The rest you can imagine when the veil of solid reality weakens and all manner of strange things go on in personal reality.

    The story arc of this motley crew shepherding an errant and overpopulated humanity through the Chaos Times can give you lots of possibilities of sub-plots and story lines, while unifying the story into a grand cosmic scale epic.


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