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314: Peak Atheism

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KMO and Olga continue the conversation with Jay Smith and Jeff Wilburn.  This week the topic moves from race in the Peak Oil narrative to the  prospects for atheistic rational materialism in a post-petroleum milieu.  The same fossil fuel windfall that has allowed industry to replace the  work of human and animal muscles with machines and thus allowed for the  emancipation of millions of people from forced labor has also allowed a  flowering of scientific rationalism and an atheistic worldview. Might  some of the moral progress of recent centuries prove ephemeral in the  wake of Peak Oil? The consolation of religion appeals to humans in times  of uncertainty and hardship. So what are the prospects for science and  atheism in the context of the industrial collapse and population  contraction?

313: Peak Oil & the White “We”

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KMO welcomes Jay Smith and Jeff Wilburn to the C-Realm to reflect upon the Age of Limits  conference. Jay and Jeff, along with their girlfriends, accounted for  most of the African-American conference-goers, and this leads to a  discussion of how the on-going Peak Oil conversation is one carried out  primarily by whites and, to some extent, aims to preserve white  privilege and assumes that whites must take the leadership role in  deciding how best to address the challenges of the coming long  emergency. Both Jay and Jeff initially found the work of James Howard Kunstler  to be valuable but later came to chafe at Jim’s seemingly dismissive  attitude about black culture and the supposed failure of  African-Americans to assimilate into mainstream society.

Music by Monstah Black.

312- Tools of Adulthood

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KMO talks with Jonathan Moll about the spread of ideas, religion, the potential benefits and pitfalls of psychedelic plants and chemicals and the harms that the Drug War does to civil society and to the ability of people raised on prohibitionist propaganda to think clearly and behave like adults. The show begins and ends with reference to the irresponsible and opportunistic comments made to the news media by Armando Aguilar,  president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, in which he conflates MDPV (sometimes sold legally as “Bath Salts”) with LSD and asserts that the assailant in the recent cannibalistic assault there acted under the influence of “a new form of LSD.” Music by Andrew Woods.



311: There But For Gratuitous Grace

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KMO and the Lovely Olga K talk with Peter Bebergal about psychedelics, drug addiction, magical thinking, paranoia, fate, and spirituality. Peter’s book, Too Much to Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood deals with all of these issues, and Peter had a much rougher time growing up in the 80′s than did KMO, even though their interests and cultural touchstones were so similar. They both had a group of friends who fancied that they could contact the divine by altering their consciousness with psychedelics, they both endured the paranoia of living in a culture that criminalizes such exploration, but Peter’s path lead him through much darker territory.
Music by Weal and Woe.

310: Gooey Ritual & Prickly Magick

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KMO and Olga welcome Pam Grossman of Phantasmaphile and the Observatory Gallery at Proteus Gowanus and Peter Bebergal, author of Too Much to Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood to  the C-Realm Podcast to discuss the intersection of magickal ritual,  religious tradition, psychedelic exploration, and the thirst for gnosis.  KMO summarizes arguments from Advanced Magick for Beginners  by Alan Chapman, and Olga, acting as proxy for the regular C-Realm  listeners likely to be bewildered by this conversation, asks for  clarification at key moments.  This conversation continues in Psychonautica 084.Music by Not Waving But Drowning.

Cover art painting by Arik Roper.

Both Pam Grossman and Peter Bebergal have recently appeared as guests on the Expanding Mind radio show/podcast with Erik Davis.

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