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342: Origins of Human Imagination


Dennis McKenna

In the final Wednesday episode of the C-Realm podcast four 2012, KMO plays a recording of a lecture that Dennis McKenna delivered at the National Arts Club in Manhattan on December 10, 2010. The lovely Olga K was in attendance for that lecture, and if you listen closely you will hear at least one C-Realm guest ask a question from the audience. In this talk, Dennis describes the rapid evolution of the human brain, and the even more rapid evolution of human culture. He talks, at times and fairly technical detail, about the co-evolution of plants and humans, and the origins of language, art and religion. Special thanks to Rob Griffitts for making this recording available for use on the C-Realm podcast. Dennis will be appearing at the national arts club again on the evening of Friday, January 4, 2013, where he will give a presentation about his new book, The Brotherhood of the Screening Abyss: My Life with Terence McKenna. KMO, Olga, and a fabulous assortment of fabulous freaks, some of whom have appeared as guests on the C-Realm podcast, will be in attendance. It is an evening not to be missed.

1 comment to 342: Origins of Human Imagination

  • Olga K

    I’m so glad that events conspired the way they did and this lecture that I attended on December 2010, before I even met KMO and only about 4 months after I discovered and began listening to the C-realm Podcast, is now online for posterity stamped with the C-Realm Podcast brand of broadcast. Of course, I had everything to do with this happening, but it still is fun laying all the variability at destiny’s sparkly feet.

    In addition to the above image of Dennis in his professorial lecture-delivering mode, I’d like to leave folks with another, hilarious image. The next day in NYC, December 11, 2010, was the annual anarchist-conceived drunken bacchanal, Santacon. My friends swaddled Dennis in a cheap Santa suit (he was already equipped with the beard, however short and well-clipped) and released him into the addled Santa-suited hordes. The phantasmogoric red and white tableaus remain apocryphal but perhaps there remains in the ancestral ruins a photo of Dennis in a Santa Claus suit, his hat askew, his red and white thin felt coat disheveled, but his white beard on and in full effect.

    When Dennis returns to this beautiful 19th Century townhouse hall next week, January 4th, to discuss his new memoir and regale all the McKenna fans in attendance with stories of busted bloated rumors, I can promise one thing for sure. Neither I, nor any of the burnerati in attendance, will be swaddling him in a Santa suit and carrying him off to be lost in a sea of drunken red and white. I cannot speak to anything else.

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