99: Slapping the Monkeys Upside the Head


KMO gets an ayahuasca retreat update from Matt W. of the Temple of the Way of Light. After that Dennis McKenna manifests in the C-Realm to solve the riddle of consciousness and shine the light of his awareness on such topics as environmental degradation, the evolution of machine intelligence, and, of course, Amazonian ayahuasca shamanism.

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    Tomorrow is a good day too.

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      Try it now

      My stats show zero downloads for the day. I hope that’s a book-keeping error and not an indication that nobody can download any of the episodes in the archive.

  • http://victoriapandora.livejournal.com/ victoriapandora

    Yeah it’s working, LOVE the title, haha.
    Thanks KMO:)

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    Leaving California for the Temple of Way of Light in the morning. Thanks for the timely listening info!