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253: Grasp the Nettle


KMO welcomes C-Realm regular, Neil Kramer, back to the program in an attempt to inject a bit of reasonable optimism to the C-Realm cavalcade of doom and gloom. Can changing consciousness change the external world? Many say that this is impossible, but according to Neil, no significant improvement in our external condition will take unless we lay the groundwork with a prior internal change.

KMO reads an email exchange with Eric Boyd which makes reference to a recent Dark Mountain essay by Paul Kingsnorth and the book The Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can't Be Jammed.

Music by Kyrstyn Pixton.

219: Too Weird to Fail


In this episode KMO plays an interview that Neil Kramer recorded with writer and philosopher Ronen about the cultural, political and metaphysical influences that shape personal and collective experiences of contemporary America.

Music by Jesse Miller


166: Knowing the Land


KMO turns the interview reins over to Neil Kramer of the Cleaver. Neil took a trip to Wiltshire county in the southwest of England to visit crop circle sites. While in the area he lodged at a B&B on James Sheppard's farm, and a crop circle appeared on the property during Neil's stay there. Neil and James discuss what the crop circle phenomenon means for farmers and how farming practices in recent decades have shaped the English landscape and the myriad life forms that inhabit it.

Music by Aldbourne Band

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Neil writes, "Please include these links in the podcast show notes, so listeners can see the land, the crop circle and get an idea of the surrounding area."