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424: The Limits of Privacy

Worried Monkey learns to solder at Hope X.

Worried Monkey learns to solder at Hope X.

KMO attended Hope X in NYC this past weekend (July 18 - 20, 2014) where he recorded an interview with tante (AKA Jürgen Geuter) about the unrealistic expectations we heap upon on idea of privacy. Specifically, he argues that our efforts are misdirected if we campaign against the invasion of our privacy when what we really want to prevent is discrimination and victimization. Lisha Sterling responds to this by admitting the limited benefit to be derived from beefed-up privacy laws, but she argues that  privacy is a biological and psychological need. tante gets the last word with a discussion of the incompatibility of liberal democracies and unaccountable and secretive intelligence agencies.


Music by Lindsay Katt.

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