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413: Learning Charm


C-Realm_413_coverKMO welcomes Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about social engineering, 419 (Spanish Prisoner) email scams, and the fact that charisma, confidence and persuasive abilities can improve with coaching, study and practice. Belief systems that seem to prevent us from living the life we want to lead may be serving us in another way, by excusing our failure to take what steps we can to do better at whatever it is we say we want to do. KMO concludes by talking about the value of yoga and meditation and the pitfalls of traveling to the Amazon to drink ayahuasca.

You can hear about Jordan's kidnapping experience here.

Music by Fernando Tarango.


11 comments to 413: Learning Charm

  • dbagpatrol

    I rarely make posts, but this guy is unbearable, the ego is so grating, and the way hes making money is fucking disgusting. A massive tool. He was so rude when asked about the kidnapping story as well.

    • KMO

      I knew some listeners wouldn’t care for this episode. All I can tell you is that I shared this material with the C-Realm audience because I consider it valuable. Hopefully next week’s show will be more to your liking.

    • KMO

      All I can say in response to your reaction is that I invited Jordan onto the C-Realm because I have enjoyed and gotten a lot out of his show. Even after I recorded it, I was not obligated to use this interview. Some recordings never see the light of day. I shared it with the C-Realm audience because I thought it was valuable.

  • Diego de la Vega

    I was also surprised by Jordan’s refusal to discuss the kidnapping and how he just bluntly referred to his own podcast, and I asked him about this today on his Facebook page His reply is still in “recent posts by others” and he’s human enough to say that the kidnapping is a “kind of a personal, sensitive subject and was the FIRST thing [KMO] asked me”.

    • KMO

      Given that he has 90 minute show about the kidnappings, I am glad that he directed listeners there. Had he answered my question, we might have spent the whole half hour on that one topic, not done it justice, and not talked about anything else.

  • esquimaux

    I’d echo dbagpatrol’s comment though a bit less harshly. Jordan may not realize it but he spent the better part of the interview putting men down, with no hint of patience, understanding or compassion, after having said, toward the beginning, that when he does interviews, he has no time for — essentially — jerks. He came across as cocky, arrogant and full of himself.

    More generally, one of the great memes of our generation is “how we might become better men.” Lord knows there’s much to be said about making the effort, continuous throughout life, to become a better, more interesting and compelling man. But we never hear of a need for women to make the effort to become “better women” and what a “better woman” might be. At least not in progressive and educated circles. True, it’s the times; but in retrospect, the children of this generation may look back on these times as a period in which, for many reasons, men, on the whole, were undervalued while women, on the whole, were encouraged to think, perhaps, a bit too much of themselves.

  • coyoteyogi

    Hi KMO,

    I just listened to this episode and enjoyed it very much. It is curious and amusing to reflect on the many meanings of the word “charm”. In fact, this episode could be filed with the vault podcasts dealing directly with ceremonial magick. What in fact is the difference between learning a sequence of words, actions and symbols to achieve a specific goal (defined as a magical act or grimoire ) and this skill set that Jordan speaks about and trains others to practice? Not much of a difference at all.

    I’ve always been a bit envious of people with charm. Over the years I’ve noticed and spoken to my wife Meg about people who seem to have some invisible quality of attraction and presence. It’s enticing to hear that JH has broken that down into skills that can be learned. Of course, I will use my Jedi powers for good.

  • Paul Heft

    I’m ready to cut the guy more slack than some other commenters. Jordan does sound rather certain of himself, but I don’t think it caused a problem in the interview. He tried to answer KMO’s questions, he seemed sincere. He clearly doesn’t have time for certain characters he runs into a lot, but that might be true for each of us. He can offer a good interview and interesting set of ideas without being the sort of guy that you’d want to start a friendship with. I haven’t listened to his podcasts, but if they are anything like the Dale Carnegie pointers that KMO read to us, they are probably useful.

  • Greg

    He seemed angry and humorless. He seemed irritated with the opportunity to reach the C-Realm audience, and ungrateful for KMO’s time. He was unfriendly and uncharming. Ironic. Interesting interview anyway.

  • tejanojim

    So did anyone click through and listen to the podcast about him getting kidnapped twice? Great stories, well worth listening for anyone travelling outside the US or anticipating a more lawless future. Yeah, he comes across as grumpy and kinda smug, and his website is market focused like crazy, but he gave a good interview to KMO, well worth including in the C-Realm rubric IMHO. Never travel outside the US with an obnoxious loudmouth, but I learned that years earlier than he apparently did, lol.

  • sharronmay

    My first reaction to his response to the kidnapping question was surprise and relief. Why use up time on a topic already covered in depth that we could explore at our leisure? As I listened further, I found his ironic lack of charm rather surprising as well as amusing. I enjoy C-Realm because it is such a mixed bag and a challenge to belief systems. This time it was our beliefs about charm.

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