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394: 2013 Wrap-up


C-Realm_394_coverIn the final installment of the C-Realm Podcast for 2013, KMO talks with Dmitry Orlov, author of The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivor's Toolkit and Seth Moser-Katz of the Extraenvironmentalist Podcast about the memorable events of the past year, including the near miss with US entry into the Syrian civil war, the on-going degeneration of the US economy, the rise of Bitcoin, and speculations about Google's long-term intentions in their acquisition of the military robotics company, Boston Dynamics. Interlude skit by Darren T.

4 comments to 394: 2013 Wrap-up

  • tejanojim

    Good interview(s), KMO. OTOH, Seth could use an extra environmentalist to point out that if humans commonly lived to c. 500 years, even if they didn’t have more children total, the number of living humans on earth, consuming resources and taking up space would increase substantially. I was surprised that neither of you mentioned that angle.

  • skeptronic

    “Putin is one of the prized leaders around the World, he’s the person who goes in and solves problems.” Dmitry Orlav – Maybe a premature assessment. Vladimir Putin hasn’t let his shining Syrian moment avert an illegal expansionist agenda re: Crimea and Ukraine. Why is it assumed that the Obama administration is displeased with the result of S.O.S. Kerry’s statements and resulting wind-down of tension? Other than having egg on his face the President had to be relieved he wasn’t being forced into another Libya or Egypt. The American public is sick of “around the world” intervention at the price of our own economy, infrastructure, and social services and that gives other world leaders a lot of latitude to look good for very little effort.

    • KMO

      I don’t have any publicly expressed opinions about Vladimir Putin that I’m consciously defending, and I don’t know if Dmitry has changed his opinion about Putin, but I do want to point out that Dmitry made the comments you’re responding to in late December 2013 and your comments have the advantage of knowing what happened over the course of the first three months of 2014.

      • skeptronic

        Yes, I understand the timing, that’s why I labeled it “premature”. I only only recently listening to the podcast and given current events, the depiction of Putin was striking. Also, I quoted Orlav for the very reason you point out, you made no overt statement of support. However, the consensual tone was that Putin (and inadvertently – the Media) had saved us from World War III. What you didn’t address in my comment is whether the downscaling of tensions in the case of Syria was desirable, acceptable, or utter failure to create war (which is the implied intent in your conversation). BTW – in case you don’t recognize, it’s Me – Core

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