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391: The Endarkenment


C-Realm_391_coverDr. Carolyn Baker returns to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss the themes she explores in her new book, Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times, in which she addresses how to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the impending collapse of industrial civilization.  Carolyn offers wisdom, inspiration, and a sense of spiritual purpose for anyone who is concerned about the daunting future humankind has created, but rather than showing us ways to prevent the collapse, Baker argues that the demise of our consumerist, corporate culture is inevitable, and that it is crucial to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the certain changes to come. Later in the episode, KMO and Arik Roper discuss why Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, Dune, is such a perfect selection for the first go-round of the C-Realm Book Club.


Music by Lydia Ooghe

3 comments to 391: The Endarkenment

  • James

    From the Harvard Anthropology department: a short video about food safety in Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

    Like Dmitry Orlov says, the large media companies exist only to sell advertising and support the government. So if news about Fukushima doesn’t do either one of these, it’s not news. Thanks for being a good source of alternative information!

  • pacman7331

    I haven’t listened to the Podcast for a while. I used to listen allot, and donate. in fact KMO was integral in inspiring me to get a Bachelor’s in Sustainability having want of a Bachelor’s and finding that topic interesting based on the podcast’s topics pertaining to that. Now, I haven’t tuned in in a while, so I gave it a try. This episode was the most recent…

    I find myself somewhat alienated from the podcast nowadays in the affinity of views it seems to hold. KMO’s views seem to have changed a bit. This episode is defending a “leftist” politic, claiming itself holier than thou. Pro-gay, pro-feminist, matriarchy, regurgitating all these wild stories about women and their oppression that are taught in Women’s Studies, while simultaneously condemning conservative Christians as uneducated and uncharitable.

    Wow, I must say if this is any representation of KMO’s new worldview, I cannot help but perhaps give up on it until episode 500 or so.

    I cannot agree with much of anything that was said, and I feel like i’ve landed on an alien planet with hostile natives.

    Too bad for KMO used to be a little bit less politically biased. Nobody is perfect but this one just felt like it was a big middle finger waiting for me as I walk through the gate, after a long hiatus. I guess I don’t fit in here.

  • MyDogCecil

    Listening to a lecture by Dr. Paul Ehrlich (and ,IMO, Dream Guest) while reading this the title of this, he also uses the phrase, “The Endarkenment” ….

    Really enjoyed the mention of Dune.

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