386: With Apocalyptic Clarity

Prof. Robert Jensen

Prof. Robert Jensen

KMO welcomes Professor Robert Jensen, author of the books Arguing for Our Lives: A User’s Guide to Constructive Dialog and We Are All Apocalyptic Now, to the C-Realm to explain what he means when he says that it’s time to get apocalyptic. The conversation also delves into the concomitant needs to sharpen our analysis in conversation with people who already share a good many of our values and goals and to communicate with the public at large and to help them understand why some of their cultural assumptions need questioning.  When Robert Jensen speaks on the topics of resource depletion and climate disruption, people often demand, “I don’t want to hear about the problem. I want solutions.” But rushing to implement solutions without first spending time developing a clear vision of the problem can lead to ill-advised actions. Better to look at the situation with clear eyes, embrace the anguish, and find a motivation to do the right thing even when a rosy outcome seems impossible.

Music by Lydia Ooghe.

  • Martin Olson

    Interesting. Well done.

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  • Lee D.

    I saw Robert Jensen in a debate last year with three other panelist. He did a great job of emphasizing the magnitude of the problems ahead for this human population in overshoot in catrast to the other panelists who were overly optimistic.

    He was introduced as an accomplished journalist, but I didn’t realize he has written as much as is mentioned here. I’m very glad that he has been a guest speaker here on the C-realm.

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  • Cameron W

    Thanks, KMO- excellent interview. The framing he offered on the usefulness of both “speaking to the choir” and making efforts to hone one’s arguments with more and more clarity while speaking outwards was helpful to hear. And the rest of it- lots of good sense.