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382: Nature Misses Us

Chuck Burr in his greenhouse

Chuck Burr in his greenhouse

While staying with friends near Ashland Oregon, KMO and Olga stopped by the Southern Oregon Permaculture Institute (also the home of Restoration Seeds) to record a conversation with Chuck Burr, author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Chuck explains why folks should plant open pollinated seeds rather than hybrids, how humans once lived within a viable ecological niche and how Nature misses us in our roles as tenders of the wild. Chuck describes ways of living that avoid societal debt traps, and he details what sorts of skills we should be cultivating in ourselves and looking for in potential collaborators.


Music by Formidable Vegetable.

1 comment to 382: Nature Misses Us

  • I loved to hear that someone is able to create a livelihood out of doing what they love. And it benefits mankind and nature as well! Chuck, I bought your book Culturequake just now and look forward to reading about your experiences. I thought your Fukuoka quote of “do nothing” was a good reminder that nature knows best and doesn’t always need our manipulations of her. If ever in Oregon, is your farm open to visitors? I’d love to see how you’ve implemented permaculture in your environment. ***And KMO, not to leave you out – you’ve brought thought-provoking and life=changing content to those that have ears to hear for longer than I can remember. I’m *so glad* to see you have a Bitcoin donation widget on your page! Because it was BTC, I finally chipped in! Stay well and thanks for your meaningful efforts.

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