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380: The Brown Truck of Happiness

John D. Adams

John D. Adams

On the 2013 Manifesting in Meat Space, couch-surfing tour, KMO sat down with John D. Adams, author of Thinking Today as if Tomorrow Mattered: The Rise of a Sustainable Consciousness, to talk about cultivating preparedness, both on the individual level and on the local community level. John uses the word "prepper" in a non-pejorative sense to refer to someone who affixes their own oxygen mask first before attempting to assist others. John is a community organizer for the Red Cross and CERT, and he is directing his energy, efforts and resources toward engendering community cohesion and resilience. He lived his working life during the great expansion, made good money, saved and invested sensibly, and now he's making good use of the still functioning (if faltering) economy to prepare for a future in which the brown trucks of happiness may no longer deliver the bounty of industrial civilization to his doorstep.

Neal Goldsmith makes a brief appearance at the end of the program to describe the speaker line-up for the 2013 Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference.

Music by the 444s.

1 comment to 380: The Brown Truck of Happiness

  • tejanojim

    KMO – Just wanted to leave a quick note to say that I enjoyed this episode. Strange to hear my thoughts and opinions coming from an old retired dude. :-)

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