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378: Remember and Imagine

Derrick Jensen at Jefferson State Books in Crescent City, California.

Derrick Jensen at Jefferson State Books in Crescent City, California.

KMO welcomes Derrick Jensen back to the program to discuss the themes he explores in his columns for Orion Magazine. One of Derrick's columns appears in the new book,  Change Everything Now: A Selection of Essays from Orion Magazine. Derrick explains why he hates journalists and how the mainstream media serves to normalize oppression and convince us that the insanity of our civilization is natural and the only way to live.


Music by The 444s.


You can find the entire Sam Harris talk excerpted at the end of this episode here.

3 comments to 378: Remember and Imagine

  • siphersh

    I don’t know what Dawkins wrote about it, but the selfishness of a gene in Darwinian evolution doesn’t correlate with the selfishness of the individual. Genes are shared across families, across tribes, across a whole population, so the selfishness of the gene often translates to symbiosis and cooperation on the group level.

  • […] magazines. The podcast is #378 in the series “Remember and¬†Imagine,” and can be found here. My favorite line after the first listen: “I hate journalists.” My second-favorite: […]

  • Eric

    Read it with the emphasis on the last word: “The Selfish GENE.” It’s not a gene that makes us particularly selfish on the macro/human level. Dawkins was making the point that genes are the unit on which natural selection operates. Each gene is selfish in that it wants to replicate itself. That’s all he’s saying. Derrick Jensen’s genes are selfish, in that their goal is to be duplicated. Derrick is not selfish, obviously. Therefore one does not follow the other.

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