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376: Technology Won’t Save Us, But…

Olga in Durango, CO.

Olga in Durango, CO.

KMO talks with Larry Goldberg of Transition Humboldt and various C-Realm listeners along the route of the Manifesting in Meat Space tour about topics related to technology including information technology and geoengineering. Check out their upcoming conference.


Music by The Formidable Vegetable Sound System.



1 comment to 376: Technology Won’t Save Us, But…

  • Cosmic Lettuce

    Currently, the fastest computer runs about 3,386,000,000,000,000 times faster than the conscious human brain (which runs at about 10Hz). Assuming that our mutual sense of time would be equivalent, one second of time to us translates to 107,295,865 “computer years”. To a computer, we humans are running immeasurably slow (btw, to us the Earth is running immeasurably slow — hint, hint). We already know how much evolution can take place in 107 million years. So the fact of the matter is that if computers ever become “intelligent” and evolve, we humans would hardly even notice. Perhaps it already has (although I don’t think so).
    I have a very good friend who’s been working on implementing consciousness in an inorganic substrate (a modern computer, for example) for a very long time. He’s very shy & private but since his website is public check it out at
    Peace to all.

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