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374: Fashion Will Save Us

The Prancing Poet

The Prancing Poet

Back at the Ecovillage Training Center on the Farm in Summertown, Tennessee, KMO sits down with long-time Friend of the C-Realm, Albert K. Bates. William Gibson quipped that the future is already here but that it just isn't very evenly distributed. If a collapse is in our future, it is certainly arriving in different places at different rates. Business is booming in NYC with a constant influx of international cash and another real estate bubble spinning up, but here in the middle of the country, the collapse is easier to spot. KMO and Albert discuss the merits of John Michael Greer's catabolic collapse theory and compare it to the Olduvai Gorge theory, which envisions industrial civilization as a "transient pulse" which will resolve itself in short order. Albert imagines using the power of memetic engineering to make ecological regeneration and sustainable living "cool" in the eyes of the young.


Music by Mornin', Old Sport.



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