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372: Dessert First!

Justin Ritchie and Seth Moser-Katz

Justin Ritchie and Seth Moser-Katz

Justin Ritchie and Seth Moser-Katz, the co-hosts of the Extraenvironmentalist Podcast were in NYC to document reRoute: Building Power for a New Economy, a conference put on by the New Economic Institute. After a Mexican dinner they sat down to record the conversation that is the centerpiece of this week's C-Realm Podcast episode. Seth and Justin talk about the experience they have gained in creating their podcast, how they make use of the complimentary skill sets, and relay some of the themes from the conference with special emphasis on student debt and formerly good advice that now leads to bad outcomes.

Artificial intelligence scholar, Larry Yeager, has signed on to be the third trialouger for the Los Gatos, California stop on the 2013 C-Realm couch-surfing tour. You can hear recordings of Tom Barbalet in conversation with Larry here and here.

Music by The Sometime Boys.

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