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367: Locked Into the Azure World


C-Realm_367KMO welcomes Bruce Damer, the host of Dr. Bruce's Levity Zone, back to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about technology, the destruction that industrial civilization visits on the natural world and the possibility that the planetary plant body accepts that damage as the price of partnering with the monkey brain to venture beyond the planetary cradle. Bruce talks up the benefits of voluntarily reducing the birth rate and agrees with Evgeny Morozov about the downside of the mindset he call "technological solutionism." Finally KMO talks about an upcoming Couch Surfing Tour to the west coast.


Music by Mornin', Old Sport.

2 comments to 367: Locked Into the Azure World

  • islandnotes

    Bruce sounds at least as conflicted as the rest of us, regarding the value of computers. His sort of dismissal of the potential for centralized oppression more thoroughly showed his conflicted hand. I find the following quote to be relevant.

    In the Absence of the Sacred — The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations
    by Jerry Mander 1991:
    It is profoundly naive for people who work to prevent planetary
    devastation to speak of the computer as if it were neutral; as if it
    were as useful for decentralization as it is to centralized development
    interests. Large institutions that seek the latter benefit far more than
    do-gooders who plan to use computers for a high-tech jiujitsu. It is
    only misunderstanding the big picture, and a certain conceit,

    that allows us to think any other way.
    Environmentalists, bioregionalists, and other progressive activists
    would be better off realizing that for all the little benefits they
    offer us, computers set our movements back. We ought to begin dealing
    with them as an urgent environmental and political issue in themselves.

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