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363: Honoring the Yuck Response


C-Realm_363Erik Davis joins KMO in the C-Realm for a face to face conversation about the psycho-spiritual differences between the East and West coasts of the United States. Later, they examine the pressure on humans living in an techno-industrial civilization to adapt themselves from biological time (kairos) to the digital time (chronos) of the clock and of information technology. Erik explains how both techno-utopian and Luddite belief systems rest upon problematic notions of human nature. Sometimes technology elicits a yuck response from us, but just as that visceral reaction can steer us wrong, we discount it at our peril.

Music by Shanimal.

1 comment to 363: Honoring the Yuck Response

  • SlowLiving

    what you were talking about at the end – the not luddite but not buying into everything just because it’s new… i get it, i’m for slowing down implementation of new technologies but definitely not a luddite either.

    i’ve been thinking about that kind of natural slow response for a long time. older people typically are for moving slowly, while youth are for change, change, change. in teenage sex (at least when i was growing up) the males are for moving forward quickly, while the females are for waiting. in genetic recombination of sperm and egg the sperm is created daily and can incorporate genetic changes, while the egg is created when your mother was pregnant with you thus slowing down genetic changes. on the edge between forest and grasslands, animals graze the lone tree in the grassland having just passed by several in the forest, the single peppermint plant.

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