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361: This Chair Rocks

Ashton Applewhite

Ashton Applewhite

KMO welcomes Ashton Applewhite to the C-Realm to examine cultural attitudes about aging and the elderly. Cultural stereotypes about the elderly abound, and some of the most pernicious  claims Applewhite, are that they are greedy and leech resources from the young, that they are a burden on the healthcare system, that they are sexless, that they have lost their cognitive faculties and that they are uniformly conservative in their social orientation and in their politics. Ashton thinks that the life extension movement and its advocates, people like Aubrey de Gray and Ray Kurzweil are pushing a deluded and elitist agenda that would divert resources from more deserving uses.


Music by Southside.

2 comments to 361: This Chair Rocks

  • carlostheobscure

    that was a beautiful comment about the need for more care by the community for helping young people get through the emotional pain of adolescence and young adulthood…hat’s off to you, KMO for all that you do with this podcast….peace, carl in columbus OH

  • tejanojim

    Hey, if you ever do a show with that de Grey guy, you can call it “The Old Man and the C-Realm”.

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