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352: Drive, Flow & Purpose


C-Realm_352KMO welcomes Federico Pistono to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about the book Robots Will Steal Your Job But That's OK - How to Survive the Economic Collapse and Be Happy. Federico describes work as the single most important factor contributing to self-esteem, social status and a sense of purpose in people's lives. He also thinks that the process by which jobs are lost to automation and sophisticated software tools will accelerate and leave more and more people without the jobs that provide them with economic sustenance and a sense of purpose. The discussion turns to the need to revise the cultural assumption that a human who is not employed is a social parasite. In a world of accelerating technological unemployment, where most jobs do nothing to provide for human needs and, in fact, magnify the harms that industrial society visits on the biosphere and human quality of life, we absolutely must get past the idea everyone must "earn a living."

Music by Au5 (courtesy of Adapted Records)


Present Shock and the Psychedelic Legacy of Terence McKenna - An Evening with Douglas Rushkoff and Dennis McKenna. March 14th, 2013. Click here to buy tickets.


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2 comments to 352: Drive, Flow & Purpose

  • I’m really feeling the “technological unemployment” discussion these days. Could the utopian dreams of the 1950s finally come true, 60 years later? I won’t hold my breath, but I’m glad people are talking about it. One thing I really wonder about is housing policy. If housing costs constitute the largest part of most peoples’ budgets, how does that get resolved if technological unemployment is embraced? Will landlords and mortgage companies suddenly accept less, or no, money while people remain in their homes? Or perhaps if most of the gains of technology go to a wealthy elite, the political will emerges to soak the rich to prop up entitlements and transfer payments–a kind of ugly de facto technological unemployment scenario (and seemingly pretty realistic in the current climate)? I just wonder if elites will be willing to take any kind of loss in order to spread the techno gains out a little more evenly. I’d love to hear these topics more specifically addressed in the future.

  • Yes. It’s a real and dangerous trend.
    But it may be partly cyclical too. And the share of national income in the US going to the Top 1% and the Top 0.1% is back (nearly) to the levels of 1928-1929.
    What next? Probably some change – either through a stock crash or a revolution. We’ve seen this happen before. Basically, the economy cannot sustain such a concentration of wealth, without causing dangerous imbalances. Check out the discussion at: tinyurl (dot) com /CabalCapitalism

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