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348: Embracing Despair


C-Realm_348KMO welcomes Paul Kingsnorth, co-founder of the Dark Mountain project to the the C-Realm Podcast to discuss the themes in his recent Orion magazine article, Dark Ecology: Searching for truth in a post-green world. Paul is critical of neo-environmentalists; environmental activists who have made peace with the logic of capitalism and the infinite growth paradigm. They see environmental stresses as technical problems which are best addressed with technological remedies, and they agree that anything that is real and worthy of consideration can be quantified by science and priced by the market. Anything else is wool-minded romanticism. KMO draws a parallel to cosmopolitan liberals who despise and ridicule their "red state" counterparts but who have made peace with the imperial wealth pump that makes their lavish cosmopolitian lifestyles possible.


Music by Southside.

7 comments to 348: Embracing Despair

  • The moment when you quote Bertrand Russel is very moving. A real interchange indeed. I took the Permaculture course from Albert at the Farm. Its crunch time and you are on the edge. As permaculture teaches edge is where the action is and we all seek this sweet spot. You seem to be finding it.

  • Lee D.

    Paul Kingsnorth is someone that I agree with a whole lot. I really enjoyed this episode. One thing that I want to mention is that there some other writers that have critiqued technology besides Theodore Kaczynski. One notable author in particular is John Zerzan. His book Twilight of the Machines (Feral House, 2008.) seems quite on topic. Another great book that doesn’t cut the technophiles any slack is TECHNO-FIX by Michael Huesemann and Joyce Huesemann.

  • I think its interesting what can be measured.

    really something

  • Kil Girlikowski

    Nice Robot Musics Southsouth. ROBOTO WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!

  • tejanojim

    KMO – I think you can give your audience a bit more credit. It they stuck with you for peak oil, catastrophic climate change, various kinds of magic, and that singularitarian you interview sometimes, I think they can deal with some thoughtful criticism of blue state people. Good guest, good interview this week. Thanks.

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