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331: Integrating Life


KMO welcomes Dan Kittredge of The Bionutrient Food Association to the C-Realm to talk about soil, nutrition, and the problems inherent in a conventional agronomic sensibility that focuses to narrowly on chemistry and so fails to integrate the idea of life into the analysis of what kinds of conditions and interactions give rise to nutritionally dense food crops. As Dan puts it, "It's the results that speak." Dan will be presenting his ideas on soil, agriculture, and nutrition at the Horticultural Society of New York this Friday evening. Friends of the C-Realm are invited to join KMO and Olga for that event and to attend the 2012 Horizons Conference opening reception at the Rubin Museum of Art immediate thereafter.


Music by Inspired Flight.

1 comment to 331: Integrating Life

  • Karl Klein

    Excellent interview, KMO. I always like your “leading” questions because it shows that you have done your homework! Looking forward to the recording of the Hort presentation on Friday evening.

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