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324: Clean, Affordable, Abundant, AMERICAN, Natural Gas


KMO and the Lovely Olga K traveled to Cincinnatus, New York to talk with anti-fracking activists, Jim Weiss and Joe Heath of GDACC (Gass Drilling Awareness of Cortland County). The conversation focuses on the intricacies of gas drilling leases and the difficulties that land-owners experience in getting out of those leases even after the scheduled termination date specified in the lease has passed. They describe why natural gas fracking as conducted by corporations like Cheseapeake Energy is neither clean nor affordable and how the practice of bundling those leases and selling them to foreign powers invalidates the industry propaganda about freeing America from dependence on foreign sources of energy. Later in the episode KMO talks with musician Float23 about the new C-Realm theme music.


Musical interlude from the benefit album Singing Clear: Clean Earth, Air, Water 'round Here.

4 comments to 324: Clean, Affordable, Abundant, AMERICAN, Natural Gas

  • Seamari

    Well, you got the spelling of Cincinnatus correct (most don’t), but “gass” should be “gas”, and it’s “Cortland” not “Courtland” County.

    Thanks for the timely focus on this very important issue.

    A regular listener in Cincinnatus

  • Rev Karl

    Thanks for covering this issue, KMO. The real estate perspective is one that is not usually covered. It is so sad that so many of our neighbors here leased their land for so few dollars and then the gas companies turned around and sold the same lease to another company for much, much more. And, those of us here are left with the debris of this industrial process here on the rural landscape. Same as it always is for extractive industries. Went to college in Western PA where the coal industry strip mines, wrecks aquifers, pollutes rivers with mine drainage from many many years ago, and the taxpayers have to build massive dams and reservoirs to “dilute” the acid from the old mines. As the saying goes, “The solution to pollution is dilution.” Sigh…

  • peakchoicedotorg

    A corollary to the toxic problems of fracking:

    The shale gas “fracking” bubble is starting to burst and this means we will end up having to reserve the remaining natural gas for keeping northern cities warm in the winter.

    Here’s a few links about the end of the shale gas bubble:
    Post Carbon Institute
    Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas – USA
    geologist Art Berman explains the shale gas has been exaggerated
    my modest page on shale gas deceptions

    Fuel Fix » Chesapeake shuns gas, shrinks rig count.html

    (Chesapeake is one of the main “fracking” companies and this is a VERY important development. Their decision to scale back fracking wells is not because of the toxic issues in the film “Gasland” but because they’re losing money with fracking wells and the resource estimates have been wildly exaggerated. Chesapeake is the company that gave $26 million to the Sierra Club for their “Beyond Coal” campaign.)

    What the Frack?
    Is there really 100 years’ worth of natural gas beneath the United States?
    By Chris Nelder|Posted Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011

    WED AUG 15, 2012 AT 04:15 AM PDT
    Drill Baby Drill! The Fracking Bubble is Bursting!
    The Drill Baby Drill crowd has got the media, and even President Obama, believing the U.S. has discovered “a hundred years of Natural Gas”, and that we can achieve Oil independence!
    What absolute nonsense! Anyone who has even taken a modest look at the Oil/Gas industry knows that this whole Fracking hype is a push by the Oil Oligarchs to get the easy oil and gas and make a ton of money before the public wakes up.

    (this article has excellent graphs showing how the shale gas bonanza is very short lived)

  • just saying hello. I have listened to 300+ episodes these last 8 months, catching up. What a variety of topics, from sigals to fracking….
    ps sorry about my kind of silly fbook name. but its too much work to change it!

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