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307: The Portal of Chapel Perilous


KMO talks about sigil magic with Erik Davis. After playing clips of comic book authors Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, KMO asks Erik if, maybe, the real danger of results-based magic isn't so much that it does not work but that it does. Could sigil magic work only to alter the consciousness of the magician and clear away the obstacles of unworkable attitudes and belief structures, or does it put the practitioner in contact with supernatural agents and energies which might demand a high price for their cooperation? In the second half of the program, KMO talks with Cheyenna Layne Weber of the Brooklyn Food Coalition about the upcoming Brooklyn Food Conference. The episode ends with a birthday greeting from the Dopefiend and Max Freakout.

Music by Southside.

1 comment to 307: The Portal of Chapel Perilous

  • Blow_In

    There I stood, sweaty and dirty. My knees were aching and hip starting to hurt. I was talking to the Queen of the Woo Woo’s, whose house I was rehabing. She was telling me how the universe loved her and was giving her the house she had always wanted. My reply was “ Then the universe must hate me because it has me working for you.”…………

    She had the real magic though. A successful husband and an inheritance. The ultimate symbolic magic of money. That’s why I was there. I needed some of that magic stuff to exchange for food and shelter……….

    Ok, that is not exactly true. The Queen and her husband are my friends, and I am a compulsive maker of things. So maybe the universe likes me as well………

    Or maybe the universe doesn’t care and can’t care because it has no brain to create that caring feeling………

    Science creates models that, when applied, yields consistent results. Magic is a practice that yields inconsistent or non existent results, but reinforces our feeling that we are special…….

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