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302: Beautiful, Glorious Limits


KMO welcomes the Archdruid, John Michael Greer, back to the C-Realm to talk about the content of his new book, Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth: an introduction to spiritual ecology. JMG explains why beauty springs from limits and how New Age abundance belief systems like The Secret do not have their source in the teachings of ancient mystery schools and why the actual mystery teachings are best communicated using the language of ecology in our particular historical moment. KMO concludes the podcast with some thoughts on Mike Daisey's fall from grace.

Music by Kimi Lundie.

5 comments to 302: Beautiful, Glorious Limits

  •  Can’t wait to listen to the podcast, The ArchDruid always has some insightful communication’s, on the same note some Archdruid Visuals by FLoroworld

  • Cal Kittsridge

    Some fair points by this guy ….but his smug delivery is lame.
    PS relative’s with the comic book store owner on the Simpson’s????

    • staticwarp

      i can say from experience that a smug attitude is sort of a prerequisite in new age circles. with someone like JMG, believe me, he’s a fine example of humble groundedness compared to some of the new age people i’ve spoken with. it pays to listen past your perception of his tone and absorb what he’s actually saying. his delivery is all in good fun anyway :)

      • cal kittsridge

         yeah, never thought of that………perhaps listening “past your perception” is useful….or i could just stop and delete and do something more useful like file my nails or remove toe jam….

  • staticwarp

    JMG is such an amazing amalgam of new age thought and practical wisdom. it was a pleasure to hear him on the podcast. i have been trying to get my local library to carry his books, but to no avail. perhaps i’ll summon up some visualization and use the law of attraction to scrape together a few bucks to buy them.  i especially enjoyed the part of the podcast in which you described the gen x/y crowd as thinking along the lines of “well this is all just fucked, so screw it, i’m going to go study permaculture”, which is quite literally exactly the way i feel, and exactly what i plan to do. there were a few points in the conversation in which i was hoping to hear an answer to the question that plagues so many of us: “what should i do? no really, like exactly, specifically, what should i go out and do to be happy and survive the slide down the far side of hubbert’s peak?”. as i expected, however, the answer is not given as such, but lies between the words and inside the ideas. it is up to us as individuals to form new communities and ways of living that work for us, as opposed to working for someone else and living the way we’re led to believe we should. podcasts like this one, and ideas like JMG’s, are a crucial part of the search for solutions. thanks again for a great episode.

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