298: No Safe Path


KMO welcomes visionary and solution architect, Philip Horvath, back to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about the role of the artist, value creation versus value conversion, and the possibilities for personal and cultural transformation in 2012. Philip talks about why he’d rather face uncertain times in L.A. than in the comfort of his native Germany, and KMO explains his Doomer Bodhisattva Vow.


Music by Mane Rok.

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  • staticwarp

    it gets pretty old hearing people dismiss “conspiracy theories” out of hand just because an idea may fall into that category. the “conspiracy theorist” is inevitably impugned as well, and the name itself has derogatory meaning for many, which tends to cause peoples minds to either open or close completely, neither of which is conducive to greater knowledge or  expanded consciousness. “aggravating blind optimism and aggravating blind pessimism” strikes me as a comment from an individual who is aggravatingly closed off  to new ideas and aggravatingly confident in their own superior knowledge, both of which can be hallmarks of insanity, making the commenter mentioned in the previous episode just as much of a “crazy person” as the guest he disagrees with.

    i continue to enjoy the c-realm’s level and honest dialog, which does not create unhelpful arguments with its guests, but neither does it let them off the hook. i enjoyed the last guest, and i will continue to enjoy the podcast. thanks kmo.

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  • Andre Shakom

    The Podcast with Philip Horvath was very nice and uplifiting i enjoyed hearing an optimistic person talk about what can be done to improve our society and how we interact with each other and essenitally creating things of value and living a simpler life ect. maby one day i’ll get to cook for this gentelman and have a beer with him and talk about a positive life in this crazy world of ours. Peace Love Smile

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