293: Infinite Rehypothecation


KMO welcomes Nicole Foss (AKA Stoneleigh) of the Automatic Earth blog to the C-Realm to discuss the need for re-localization; something which central authorities will work to quash lest it interfere with the conveyance of wealth from the periphery to the center. Nicole explains what she means when she describes cash as “a pile of unmade choices” and why she cannot offer her uncomplicated support for political movements like the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street. She does voice her strong support for permaculture and for restoring soil fertility.

Music by Andrew Woods.

Click here to learn more about the 7th Annual Permaculture Design Course at Maya Mountain Research Farm.

  • Kevin Jarvis

    Very informative..good edition!Yes permaculture is the way.
    Have been using permaculture at over 61 degrees north (As far north as Anchorage Ak) for the past 4 years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/conversationsoncollapse Kevin M O’Connor

    Here is one blogger’s attempt to explain the concept of infinite rehypothecation:


  • Kramer

    I was a fan of Ron Paul, the automatic earth, Steve Keen, and David Graeber before discovering the C-realm.  For this former conservative it is amazing to see so many of my influences converge. 

  • tash


    you for your dedication and continuing efforts with C-Realm. If
    there is to be meaningful hope for a livable future, I think it will
    be largely due to the calm demeanor and reasoned insistence of people
    like you and the people on whom you focus.

    In your
    podcasts you often mention the work of Clay Shirky. For this reason,
    and because Amy Goodman spoke of him in yesterday’s reporting on SOPA
    and PIPA by DemocracyNow!, I viewed Shirky’s recent TED talk on the
    subject. I thought it was the most cogent presentation I had seen
    thus far. If you have not yet seen it I think that perhaps you
    should. You might want to check out Larry Lessig’s talk too.

    Keep on
    keepin’ on,

    Tom A.,

  • Douglascharlesclements


    Excellent talk with Stoneleigh. Thank you for covering the more global questions I couldn’t cover at VAL. Hope all is well for you.

    Douglas Clements

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sergio-Ivan-Solorzano/753390645 Sergio Ivan Solorzano

    fabulous podcast on what reality is looking like.