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287: American Brigadoon


KMO welcomes KunstlerCast host, Duncan Crary, back to the C-Realm to talk about his four-year intellectual apprenticeship which has culiminated in his new book, The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler. Duncan extols the virtues of life in Troy, New York, which requires of him neither cell phone nor automobile. The conversation turns to the Occupy movement, the Ecovillage Training Center, and, of course, podcasting. KMO concludes the podcast with praise for David Graeber's new book, Debt: The First 5,000 Years.

Music by Deertick.

4 comments to 287: American Brigadoon

  • Blow_In

    Liked the show.

    The conversation on being an
    interviewer was interesting. KMO does us a service by letting people

    I would like to hear an interview of
    some hippy hating, psychopathic, elitist sometime just so I can get a
    feel for how they think.

  • Barshara

    I watched the Hardtalk interview with Steve Keen. I enjoyed the program and thought that she was very fair and enabled him to explain himself very fully. He seemed pretty satisfied too. Not quite sure why you thought that she was confrontational?

    • KMO

      Hi Barshara,

      I don’t think the Hard Talk interviewer was particularly confrontational by the standards of mainstream media, but what astounded me was that the first few minutes of the interview gave me the impression that the interviewer was actually comprehending much of what Professor Keen was saying. Given that, she could have taken the conversation to a much deeper level than is normally possible in that sort of forum. So, when she declined to do so and aimed the conversation back towards the shallow end, I was irritated at the missed opportunities. That said, I think Professor Keen gave admirable replies to her, “What makes you so smart?”

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