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189: Scale & Scope


C-Realm_190In this whistle stop episode, KMO talks cybernetic consciousness with Eric Boyd and Neil Kramer. Might machine minds prove more resistant to being warped by warped circumstances than humans, or might they go with the amoral flow? Later, Gordon Wardlaw, who hosted a Transitional Alchemy Tour appearance at his home in Mendocino provides some feedback on the event.


1 comment to 189: Scale & Scope

  • Milgram Experiments

    Great episode as always. Just wanted to point out that you guys meant the Stanford Prison Experiments not the Milgram Experiment on this episode. The Milgram Experiments involved measuring obedience to authority by administering what the test subject thought were lethal shocks as punishment. The Stanford Prison experiment was exactly as everyone described it though. Oddly enough, Stanley Milgram and Phil Zimbardo (of the Stanford Prison Experiment) both went to the same high school in the Bronx.

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