139: Memes & More… Much More


KMO welcomes Susan Blackmore, author of The Meme Machine to the program to discuss minds and the memes that make them, Buddhist meditation, the value of psychedelics, and the fabricated reality of the self. Music by Z deScathach.


Musical interlude by Z deScathach: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=817450

Here’s the Straight Dope on legislating the value of pi: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/805/did-a-state-legislature-once-pass-a-law-saying-pi-equals-3

In my discussion with Sue,I mentioned Leonard Shlain’s book The Alphabet Versus the Goddess. You can learn more about the idea that the transition from a pre-literate to a print-based culture involves a period of ideological mania and accompanying mayhem on the website devoted to the book: http://www.alphabetvsgoddess.com/

  • http://victoriapandora.livejournal.com/ victoriapandora

    I’m really looking forward to this one.
    I am taking it this is the same Susan, this is something she wrote recently that I really enjoyed, though I never heard the show.

  • http://bobvilou.livejournal.com/ bobvilou

    Woe is me!

    Why does it say “page not found” when I try to download this episode?

    • http://c-realm.com/ KMO

      Re: Woe is me!

      No need for woe. You can find the episode here:


      I outgrew my PodOMatic account and had to move most of the back catalog over to Libsyn.

      • http://bobvilou.livejournal.com/ bobvilou

        Re: Woe is me!

        Thank you very much! I’m currently going through the back catalogue of your podcast and I’m enjoying it a great deal.