133: Jaguar and Pilgrim


“C” stands for consciousness

Episode 133: Jaguar & Pilgrim

KMO welcomes Robert Tindall to discuss the experiences that inform his new book, The Jaguar that Roams the Mind: An Amazonian Plant Spirit Odyssey. Topics discussed include the nature of addiction, the role (helpful or harmful) of so-called “Ayahuasca tourism,” and the relationship between entheogenic exploration and psychedelic recreation.

Music by EthnoSuperLounge.

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  • EthnoSuperLounge Link

    Hi KMO,
    Thanks for playing the EthnoSuperLounge track on this episode.
    Actually that song is available in full on this page:
    http://ethnosuperlounge.com/music/esl2004.htm (rather than the link you have currently).
    It is an EthnoSuperLounge song (rather than a Tibet2Timbuk2 one).
    You can also read the story of recording the song on that page too.
    I think it was a suitable choice – it was a magical improvisation where musicians of different cultures (Persian, Spanish, Turkish, Indian, Slovenian) came together spontaneously in complete harmony. It’s a recording of un-amplified instruments in a home concert of almost 80 people, and you could almost literally hear a pin drop.

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