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CRV 364

KMO talks with Slava, the host of the Virdigo Podcast, about technology, media, venture capital, and the irresistible gravity of Silicon Valley for would-be tech entrepreneurs the world over. The conversation continues from episode 5 of Slava's podcast, which can be found here:

CRV 350

It's turkey day, or nearly so. KMO gives thanks for the folks who comment on his YouTube videos, as they provide the seed for this installments ruminations on capitalism, Georgism, the Democratic Party's rabid tunnel vision and obsession with Russia, and the insanity that lies ahead in the 2020 electoral contest. Strap yourself in. It's gonna be a doozy.


KMO welcomes Douglas Lain back to the program for an Easter Sunday chat about how normie Democrats are chasing Russian Shadows and NOT coming to terms with the concerns and priorities they project to the deplorable middle of the country. Then it's more, juicy Jordan Peterson conversation. KMO hasn't taken in enough of Peterson's material to have a clear conception of the man's message, but it seems to contain a whopping portion of responsibility and self-cultivation, and that rings KMO's bell.


KMO talks to Brian Kaller, an American writer living in Ireland, about the bad faith tactics that some leftists use in criticizing Jordan Peterson and why so many leftists focus their efforts on misrepresenting the positions of fellow leftists and accusing them of being racists and white supremacists. Then they turn the conversation to the claims from Democrats that Russia's 2016 Facebook trolling is equivalent to 9-11 and Pearl Harbor. What are they hoping to achieve?

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