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In this first podcast of 2017, KMO looks at the very different responses that audiences and critics gave in response to the first direct-to-Netflix, big-budget action film. Bright, starring Will Smith, employs a familiar formula; that of an odd couple, buddy cop movie, but with a twist. The familiar neighborhoods of LA include orcs, elves, centaurs and other fantastic creatures alongside humans. Critics savaged the movie with scathing reviews and derision out of all proportion to the film's shortcomings. Audiences generally liked it. KMO delves into this disparity looking for a plausible explanation. Later he looks at geopolitics in the Arab world, considers Jim Kunstler's predictions for 2018, and finally, KMO talks about marijuana from both a policy and a personal perspective.


If Vermont legalizes marijuana, poor Ceasar will be out of a job. Boo fucking hoo.

The village of Bellows Falls held its annual meeting on Monday night. Taxes keep going up, more people are moving out than moving in, and chief of police brags that the little village of Bellows Falls sends more narcotics to the state testing facility than any other municipality. He's committed to winning the War on Drugs with police work alone, and he always needs MORE MONEY. Some of the people who attended the meeting are tired of pouring their tax dollars into the bottomless Drug War pit. The police chief even encouraged the citizens to call Vermont's governor to encourage him to veto the recently passed marijuana legalization bill. Why, because if marijuana becomes legal in the state then his department's K-9 unit will be out of a job. The eighty thousand Vermonters who smoke weed must remain criminals so that our drug sniffing job doesn't lose his high-profile function.