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Charles Murray

A while back (on CRV episodes 246 & 248) KMO and Doug Lain talked at length about Charles Murray and the wrath that he draws to himself from the forces of wokefullness. Irv Mills, blogger and long-time friend of the C-Realm, read The Bell Curve at KMO's suggestion and wanted to make his case for saying the Charles Murray is really wrong on some important points. Here is that conversation. It is rich with the juicy goodness of the supposed statistical correlation with race and IQ. Dangerous conversation ahead.


The conversation about IQ and life outcomes just won't die, largely because of the push-back that KMO receives every time he tries to advance the discussion. In this episode, KMO spends some time defining intelligence while also admitting that it is a slippery, context-dependent idea that is liable to evolve over time. Thereafter, KMO and Douglas Lain respond to listener feedback on their previous conversation on this topic. That conversation involves the examination of possible alternate histories and touches on the question of whether it is better to reach a large audience who mostly don't get what you're talking about or reaching a small but sophisticated audience who grok what you have to say and offer you the incentive to go deeper.



Don't like what someone has to say? They must be a Nazi.

The conversation, heated at times, between KMO and Douglas Lain about Charles Murray's explanation for the decline of the American working class concludes here in the Vault. The post-war boom is not the natural state of man, Doug argues, nor is the market a benign, disinterested force of nature. Doug argues that Murray's worldview excuses philosophical and policy choices that have resulted in despair and desperation for those not in the cognitive elite.

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