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CRV 407

Remember when John Rambo went to Afghanistan?

KMO talks with J. G. Michael, host of the Parallax Views Podcast, about the media malfeasance around the US retreat from Afghanistan. 

CRV 406

KMO makes reference to this chart in the episode

According to the mainstream media, Joe Biden screwed the pooch in his attempt to end the US military occupation of Afghanistan. KMO, always the contrarian, tries to muster up some good feels for ole' President Joe. Later he steals insights from Peter Turchin.


Remeber that who war in Afghanistan thing? These guys remember.

Remeber that whole war in Afghanistan thing? These guys remember.

For the final C-Realm conversation of 2016, KMO and Doug Lain looked to this piece on under-reported stories of 2016 to try to get away from talking about the election, Donald Trump, and the circular firing squad formation on what passes for the "left" in the United States. They start with the Afghan war, 15 years on and seemingly running like a zombie background process, and soon get sucked back into the social/corporate media obsessions of the day. If you're not a regular listener to the Waking Up Podcast with Sam Harris, you might want to check out the episode in which he talks about Trump and Putin with chess champ, Gary Kasparov. KMO references it extensively in this conversation with Doug Lain.

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