C-Realm Radio 035

C Derick Varn

C Derick Varn

KMO and Silas welcome C Derick Varn to C-Realm Radio to discuss criticisms of the Left from the Left. Derick has lived in South Korea, Mexico and now Egypt, and he shares his experience of culture shock when he returns to his native Georgia after a long absence.

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2 thoughts on “C-Realm Radio 035

  1. Sargon of Akkad is not alt-right. He has explained this hundreds of times. You are spreading a lie. He is a classical liberal, on the left and he hates the alt right. He sends them gay porn on twitter. He rejects social justice which is authoritarian culturalwhich marxism has more in common with social consrvatism be that islamic or christian, than it does with liberalism or unionism which are the true pillars of leftism.

    Please just correct the record. Its incredibly disrespectful to keep perpetuating this lie.

    • “You are spreading a lie.”

      I know that Sargon self-identifies as a classical liberal, so I’m guessing by “you” you mean C. Derick Varn. I’ve hyperlinked his name to his website, and you can find him on Facebook if you want to bring your demand for justice to his attention. But, really, Sargon has far greater reach than Derick and me combined. It’s not within our power to ruffle his feathers.

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