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Duncan Crary

Duncan Crary

KMO talks with Duncan Crary about how small towns and cities, as well as small business owners can interface with the mainstream media and harness the power of spectacle to promote themselves. They also discuss the dark side of media manipulation as exemplified in the book Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday.

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  1. KMO, thank you for a great show. Today’s installment was lively, interesting and well-informed. Lots of people, me included, recall with favor Duncan’s ernest voice and exuberant humor that he displayed on Jim Kunstler’s previous two-man podcast.

    One slight emendation: Joseph Conrad was Polish by birth and spoke Polish, not Russian, as his first language. Fluent in French as well, Conrad learned English as a third language(!) while working at sea in his twenties and later employed his third language when writing his famous and influential novels, short stories and essays.

  2. Enjoyed the episode!

    At the risk of having all the comments be on the subject of that one brief tangent on people who are brilliant writers in a second language, I did want to mention Nabokov. In part because he also translated works (including his own) in both directoins, and his writing on the subject of translation is very entertaining. Actually, I’d count this as one of the best essays I’ve ever read (though I could only find it online on that very poorly-formatted site; I first read it in this book).

  3. https://markmanson.net/everything-is-fucked

    “….The world runs on feelings.

    And when you give the average person an infinite reservoir of human wisdom, they will not Google for the higher truth that contradicts their own convictions. They will not Google for what is true yet unpleasant. Instead, most of us will Google for what is pleasant but untrue.

    Having an errant racist thought? Well, there’s a whole forum of racists two clicks away with a lot of convincing-sounding arguments as to why you shouldn’t be so ashamed to have racist leanings.

    Ex-wife leaves you and you start thinking women are inherently selfish and evil? Doesn’t take a creative Google search to find more than you would ever need to believe that women are biologically inferior.

    Think Muslims are going to stalk from school to school murdering your children? I’m sure there’s a conspiracy theory somewhere out there that’s already confirming that.

    The internet, in the end, was not designed to give people the information they need. It gives people the information they want.

    And sadly, there’s a huge difference….”

  4. In 1935, the Tioughnioga River flooded my father’s hometown, Marathon NY. Later a flood control dam was built near Whitney Point. Subsequently Whitney Point adopted the slogan “Best town by a dam site”.

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