C-Realm Radio 032

Liam Scheff

Liam Scheff

Given the overlap in their interests and the self-contained nature of the Peak Oil community, it's odd that Liam Scheff is just now making his C-Realm debut in February of 2017. In this introductory conversation, Liam describes his writing career and his current health struggles and then launches into an explanation of how the frustrated 9-11 Truth movement metamorphosed into something malignant and fueled the rising popularity of the Flat Earth belief system. Thereafter, KMO and Liam re-visit some familiar Peak Oil themes and consider timelines for collapse. The conversation will continue in C-Realm Podcast episode 512.

9 thoughts on “C-Realm Radio 032

  1. Wow. Don’t really know what the point of that was. It was basically a kook spouting out nonsense. He was making a lot of very big claims with zero evidence other than saying that he is really smart and does a lot of research. Not much difference in delivery between Liam Scheff and Donald Trump. Not even much entertainment value—unless you are just trying to let viewers see how much crazy there can be in “doomer land”.

  2. The guest’s remarks are all over the place, wandering. He kind of sounds like someone who is high after consuming three or four massive cups of coffee, unable to discuss one or two subjects and offer supporting detail accordingly. Much of what he alludes to has some basis in fact and scientific literature, but his inability to STAY FOCUSED makes him sound like a kook who sets up at the back of the local gun show selling conspiracy videos.

    KMO, your interviewing style is great, your radio voice amiable and your selection of topics contemplative, but sometimes you have to keep your guest concentrated on a subject or two so he leaves a trail of reasonable thoughts for listeners to hear, comprehend and follow up on.

  3. Long time listener first time poster. This guy was terrible. A conspiracy theorist-conspiracy theorist. Reminded me of a college freshman that has everything figured out. Do not host this guy again. You do really good work and this guy is a disservice to the podcast.

  4. Well, I thought Liam Scheff was great. The reason he seemed to “be all over” is because the world is a seamless web of interconnected systems, sub-systems, and edges. Perhaps the other commenters had issue due to the lack of Liam’s views and their own aligning. It is important to recognize when our own hang-ups, and sensibilities get in the way of information. If one is presented with something that seems like chaos with nuggets of truth mixed in. It is up to them to uncover those nuggets.

    As a professional horticulturist (which by no means makes me an expert on the subjects of peak oil, and societal degradation) it does however give me a hands on and intimate understanding of how living systems work and interact with other living systems,how there is no definable edge between one system and another, and how human intentions -usually good- can really fuck everything up.

    These kinds of blunt and peering points of view also help me in my work and motivate me to develop more resilient systems of food production, medicine (herbs), and community. Perhaps Liam is too far reaching. All the better to get the dynamo of a human and their habits, to get a move on.

    I can’t help but take issue with the arm chair quarterback type. I wonder what if much the above nay-Sayers are doing in their own lives and communities to make changes. It is very easy to fire off criticisms on a computer screen, all the awhile never criticizing ones self beyond a superficial depth. Anyways, enough about them.

    There is one issue I did have with Liam’s views. He mentioned a few times About John Micheal Greer being wrong without really following it up. I have read JMG since around 2008, and as far as I can tell JMG’s angle, in principle, lines up with Liam’s pretty soundly. I think Liam said something about how JMG was brilliant but wrong, because the NASCAR world will not go quietly. I was not really sure what he had meant with that criticism.

    Thank you KMO for another great timely show!

    Peace and be with you,

  5. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you KMO for introducing Mr. Scheff, and thanks for making the other hr. with Liam Scheff available. Views like Scheff’s are seldom heard – even on the alt-media – so many views like the big bang theory and 911 are never even questioned intellectually by most ‘critical thinkers.’ Scheff is one of the most intellectually courageous thinkers I’ve heard. Keep up the great work KMO!

    • Really? The Big Bang hypothesis was countered by the Steady State hypothesis for quite a while until observational data discredited it.
      See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steady_State_theory

      And 9/11 conspiracy theories have been absolutely beaten to death by engineers. Heat from burning paper and jet fuel weakened the fasteners holding the floors up in the twin towers so they collapsed and “pancaked” down. Here’s a simple explanation of what happened:

      I can’t believe all the people who have said that Scheff is some sort of credible source.

      • Awesome Bill, now 911 makes sense! The towers and building 7 were held together with paper fasteners. The planes that disappeared – one into a hole in Pennsylvania, and one that hit the Pentagon must have been constructed out of paper too. Brilliant!

      • Now come on Geb, Bill has very strong evidance; YouTube video, and a wiki link. Irrefutable!
        Finally we can lay all these deep mysteries to bed.

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