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A bystander caught in the mayhem cowers before the righteousness of the antifa.

A bystander caught in the mayhem cowers before the righteousness of the antifa.

On February 1st, 2017, Brietbart News technology editor, Milo Yiannopolous, was scheduled to give the final lecture on a US speaking tour prior to the publication of his upcoming book. The event was canceled when about 150 black-clad and masked people set fires, assaulted people waiting to get in the lecture hall, and goaded the police by throwing firecrackers at them. Some consider this a heroic example of anti-fascist "direct action." Others see it as leftist hooliganism. KMO and Silas welcome Keith Preston of AttackTheSystem.com back to the C-Realm to talk about the history, beliefs, and tactics of the antifa (anti-fascist) movement.

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  1. Hello,

    What The guest has to say about fascism is quite reasonable, Trump isn’t really a “fascist” but i think the guest tends to mitigate things to much.
    Trump is a man who seems to have always believed primarily in force to adress issues, not the rule of law(except corrupted law), and revenge, just read “the art of the deal”, also Wayne Barret “Trump :the greatest show on earth”, and David Cay Johnston “the making of Trump. Watch the documentaries “You’ve been Trumped” and “Trump:what’s the deal”.
    He’s obviouly not a defender of constitutionalism and the rule of law. It’s not even sure he understand enough these aspects of politics.
    Also I heard David Cay Johnston, on the show “This is hell” if i recall, saying that Trump has an eugenistic mentality.

    So Trump isn’t a fascist, and has, himself, no real ideology, as KMO said, but:
    the mystic of force
    the valorisation of hierarchy and order.
    the only use of the frustration and resentment of the masses for power (and money, his real addiction)
    the massive use of irrational arguments, and outrageous lies as well
    narcissism (kind of cult of personality)
    the mystic of blood (race, genes)
    the centrality of scapegoating in his discours
    Agressive nationalism

    If such a thing as a University of Fascism existed, he would qualify easily.
    He could be a good fascist apprentice if he wanted to.
    He would not be fired.
    But in fact Trump is a facade, and behind the facade there’s an other facade.

  2. I think this discussion seems to miss something significant about the left-wing perspective on Milo Yiannopoulos by over-focusing on the in-person (or at least on-screen) elements of Milo’s persona over the part that’s related to trolling and Twitter. People Milo criticized on Twitter often ended up facing some very determined and vicious harassment campaigns, it’s the sort of environment where there’s a very blurry line between organizing a campaign of harassment and merely egging on your audience a bit (assuming you’ve cultivated a sufficiently large and mean one).

    Young people have mostly encountered fascist memes as wielded by trolls. And it’s a peculiar sort of trolling that blurs the line between insincere fascism as trolling and sincere fascism as an even more effective form of trolling. So Milo seems fascist by virtue of being a right-wing troll, even if he’s not advancing some explicitly fascist ideology or set of policy proposals.

    That’s not just an empty association, either. Trolling has become a central part of the ethos of modern right-wing authoritarianism (with the election of Trump, it’s really mainstream). As a result Milo doesn’t have to personally advocate for unusually authoritarian policy proposals to be an unusually effective propagandist for modern fascism.

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