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crv224_coverBen McCleish joins KMO and Silas in the C-Realm to summarize and discuss the first two chapters of Ted Kaczynski's new book Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How. This discussion mostly focuses on the why. Kaczynski may be a murderer, but he is no misanthrope. His aim is to defend human freedom and save all life on Earth from the relentless maw of the techno-industrial system. He thinks that the techno-sphere will render the planet uninhabitable by complex organisms and that reform and rational guidance are impossible. Only an anti-tech revolution stands any chance of preserving a life-sustaining planet.

2 thoughts on “C-Realm Radio 024

  1. This episode has plenty of holes in them. I will point them out
    1. Social Darwinism
    2.Technology will destroy the human race. LMFAO !
    Technology is a tool. Humans are the problem.

    3. “The more efficient we become , the oloser we become to destroying ourselves.” This is a half truth. (Trump would love you ;p) This is only applies to weaponry. Read Utopia or Oblivion:
    The Choice is Yours by B.F Fuller to see the bigger picture.

    The Luddite Challenge
    1. Close all computer accounts
    2. Sell off everything you own except for the clothes on your back
    3. Go live in a cave or bush. Let’s see how long you’ll last…espeically during the cold season. Luddites will be the first to die off if there aren’t smart.

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