One thought on “Preparations 10

  1. I really like the comment about pretending to be distracted while actually being present. 🙂 It’s also explained why the phone screen was blank. One visual element that I don’t think I’ve seem modeled in a comic yet is the “face lit from below” thing that happens with screens a night. The absence of that element, in, say, a subway, could tip someone who meets The Chick off that something isn’t right.

    I was going to actually quote your words, but when I clicked on the Comment button, the comic is no longer visible from this screen:

    I thought maybe it was my adblockers in Chrome, but I tried it in Safari, which I leave fairly untouched for this sort of testing, and I still don’t see the comic here. I know random web tech is probably the last thing you want to be working on now, but from a user-experience standpoint, it would *really* help if the comic were still visible when the comment is being made. There’s a pretty high chance people might forget what they were going to say, or the detail they were going to comment on, during the screen change.

    Way to go finishing so many of these! I felt guilty for not keeping up with them more religiously when you were in high-production mode, probably looking for some validation the lack of comments seems to indicate you didn’t get. In my defense that was at the end of my Krazy House Project when I was killing myself to escape the burbs. I’m going back through them now, having fantasies of doing more comic work myself.

    They had an excellent interview with Berkeley Breathed, perhaps my greatest comic hero, on Fresh Air recently.

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