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228: Drifting with the Plow


KMO welcomes Brian G. Bankston, the Keyline Cowboy, to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss how a plow and land management methodology developed in the 1950's in Australia can revolutionize and revitalize farming and farm communities in the 21st century American South. For Brian, getting the plow in the ground is more important than making money. He explains why he's willing to live out of his truck and drift with the plow.

Music by Old Soul.


166: Knowing the Land


KMO turns the interview reins over to Neil Kramer of the Cleaver. Neil took a trip to Wiltshire county in the southwest of England to visit crop circle sites. While in the area he lodged at a B&B on James Sheppard's farm, and a crop circle appeared on the property during Neil's stay there. Neil and James discuss what the crop circle phenomenon means for farmers and how farming practices in recent decades have shaped the English landscape and the myriad life forms that inhabit it.

Music by Aldbourne Band

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Neil writes, "Please include these links in the podcast show notes, so listeners can see the land, the crop circle and get an idea of the surrounding area."

16: Sudden Violent Death


Had I left the chickens in the usual enclosure, they would have been safe from my neighbor's dogs, but I was afraid they'd freeze to death, so I moved them to an enclosure built for dogs to get them out of the freezing rain and give them warm(ish) dog houses to huddle in during the cold nights.

When the first sheriff's deputy arrived, he stood guard while I picked up the chooks that looked like they had the best shot at survival and brought them in the house. Later, I went out with another box and collected all the ones still breathing and brought them inside as well. When I left home to drive to civilization to post the podcast, nine of the chooks were still breathing (two of them barely breathing) and three of them could stand. The rest, I fear, will die in the coming hours.

I'll update this entry with links and musical acknowledgements in the next day or two.