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216: Got Status?


Are fears of a peak oil-fueled, civilization-wide collapse rational, or do Doomers crave a big crash to excuse their own failures? Does the very success of our global civilization breed resentment and stress that stems from our basic psychological needs as primates shaped by evolution to obsess over our rank in the status hierarchy? KMO discusses these concerns with bloggers Mickey Foley and Randall Parker. Later, a C-Realm listener who spent a week at the Ecovillage Training Center shares his experience of unplugging from the media mainline, and Gregory Landua discusses an upcoming Financial Permaculture event to be held on the Farm in September of 2010.

201: The Light of Doom


In this episode KMO puts the thoughts and concerns of the C-Realm audience front and center. Feedback from the audience and kind words from Lorenzo of the Psychedelic Salon bookend a picnic table conversation between KMO, Albert K. Bates, and Joe of the Occult Sentinel Podcast. KMO closes by explaining why he has no intention of respecting the mainstream prejudices on the topic of "drugs" even if it means he will never cross over and find a bankable niche in the mainstream discourse.

Music by Jesse Miller.

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