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243: Embracing Your Own Authority

KMO welcomes Gary Borjesson to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about dogs, human/dog interactions and the hierarchical aspect of dog social behavior -- something which probably gets way too much play in our thinking about how we relate to dogs. Author Jean Donaldson warns us not to anthropomorphize our dogs and attribute human motivations and concerns to them, but Gary advises us not  to mistake dogs for wolves or underestimate the importance of humans to the thinking of dogs. Not even the great apes are as sensitive to the nuances of human gesture as dogs are. Getting along with humans is central to the dog's survival strategy, so the disposition of nearby humans is always high on any dog's list of concerns.

 Music by Mistle Thrush

16: Sudden Violent Death


Had I left the chickens in the usual enclosure, they would have been safe from my neighbor's dogs, but I was afraid they'd freeze to death, so I moved them to an enclosure built for dogs to get them out of the freezing rain and give them warm(ish) dog houses to huddle in during the cold nights.

When the first sheriff's deputy arrived, he stood guard while I picked up the chooks that looked like they had the best shot at survival and brought them in the house. Later, I went out with another box and collected all the ones still breathing and brought them inside as well. When I left home to drive to civilization to post the podcast, nine of the chooks were still breathing (two of them barely breathing) and three of them could stand. The rest, I fear, will die in the coming hours.

I'll update this entry with links and musical acknowledgements in the next day or two.