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258: Navigating the Screaming Void

258_-Navigating the Screaming Abyss

KMO welcomes Dennis McKenna back to the C-Realm to help promote his Kickstarter Campaign. Dennis is raising money to fund the sabbatical he'll need to take in order to write The Botherhood of the Screaming Abyss, a book about his life with his brother, Terence. The discussion covers contact with alien (though not necessarily extraterrestrial) minds, commodified spirituality, and the value of traveling to the Amazon to experience ayahuasca when the ingredients are readily available for purchase on the internet.

Music by Kyrstyn Pixton.

The clip with Steve Beyer is from C-Realm Podcast 175: Singing to the Plants.

You can hear more interviews with Dennis McKenna on the Extraenvironmentalist, Paratopia, and Psychedelic Salon Podcasts.

175: Singing to the Plants


KMO plays the first half of a conversation between AyasminA and Dr. Stephan V. Beyer. Steve is the author of Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon, and in the conversation Steve details his lifelong odyssey into the deep regions of consciousness and spirituality which include fifteen years spent in the upper Amazon with the Mestizo keepers of the Ayahuasca tradition.

Music by Joseph A.

The excerpt from Steve's book that I read appears on Reality Sandwich:

Here's the link to the YouTube video that Doug Lain put together that I mentioned at the end of the program:

143: Catalyst Amazonia


KMO presents material recorded at the 4th Annual International Amazonian Shamanism conference held in Iquitos, Peru in July of 2008. Can plant consciousness interface with primate conscious to put us on a more adaptive course? KMO, David "Slocum" Hewson, Julian Haynes, AyasminA and other conference attendees explore the possibilities.

Slocum's full presentation can be found here:

133: Jaguar and Pilgrim


"C" stands for consciousness

Episode 133: Jaguar & Pilgrim

KMO welcomes Robert Tindall to discuss the experiences that inform his new book, The Jaguar that Roams the Mind: An Amazonian Plant Spirit Odyssey. Topics discussed include the nature of addiction, the role (helpful or harmful) of so-called "Ayahuasca tourism," and the relationship between entheogenic exploration and psychedelic recreation.

Music by EthnoSuperLounge.

114: Community – Local, Distributed & Transient


"C" stands for consciousness
114: Community - Local, Distributed & Transient

In this 114th episode of the C-Realm podcast, KMO reads listener email and plays a conversation recorded with a C-Realm listener in Iquitos, Peru to provide you with a hint of the flavor of the first ever C-Realm jungle retreat. Later in the episode, KMO plays a conversation that he recorded at the Congress for the New Urbanism event in Austin, Texas back in April of this year. Roger Eastman, a city planner in Flagstaff, Arizona and Chad Emerson, a professor of property law and author of The SmartCode Solution to Sprawl talk about the forces that have left pedestrians stranded in a landscape built for the convenience of cars and the prospects for a return to human scale urban living.

105: Caught in the Web



Alien Ascension by Martina Hoffman

Alien Ascension by Martina Hoffman

AyasminA returns with another ayahuasca-themed interview. This time she connects with visionary artist, Martina Hoffmann to talk about the connection between the visionary states induced by ayahuasca and the visions on canvas that they leave in their wake. Other topics include honoring the divine feminine and finding a balance between living in direct connection with nature and losing ourselves in a haze of techno-mediated busy work. Continue reading 105: Caught in the Web

99: Slapping the Monkeys Upside the Head


KMO gets an ayahuasca retreat update from Matt W. of the Temple of the Way of Light. After that Dennis McKenna manifests in the C-Realm to solve the riddle of consciousness and shine the light of his awareness on such topics as environmental degradation, the evolution of machine intelligence, and, of course, Amazonian ayahuasca shamanism.

97: Molecules and Messengers


In this episode, KMO creates an audio mash-up of material taken (with permission) from the radio documentary 'In Search of the Divine Vegetal' and previous episodes of the C-Realm Podcast to address the question of whether First World spiritual seekers are stealing or corrupting the spiritual traditions of the Two Thirds World. Voices heard include: Dennis McKenna, Jeremy Narby, and A. Andrew Gonzalez.

If you will be attending the 4th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Iquitos because you learned about it or decided to attend because of what you heard on the C-Realm Podcast, please write to Alan Shoemaker and let him know so that I will get credit for your attendance.

Alan's email address is sogadelalma (at) yahoo (dot) com .

Thank you.

95: The Art and the Outrage


In this episode, former guest AyasminA turns C-Realm correspondent to interview artist David "Slocum" Hewson who makes Iquitos, Peru his base of operations and where he is contributing to the construction of the Pyramid Peru project. AyasminA and Slocum discuss the role of ayahuasca and other visionary plants in the creation of Slocum's art before moving on to an examination of the relative harms done by ayahuasca tourism versus the effects of trans-national petroleum, mining and timber corporations on the people and the ecology of the Amazon. (Another event in Iquitos this summer that Jeremy Narby will attend. Jeremy Narby appears in episodes 25 and 26 of the C-Realm Podcast.)

93: Diet and Preparation


KMO welcomes Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Land Without Evil, back to the program to talk about the preparations one can make prior to departure in order to get the most from one's ayahuasca experiences.

Here is a list of dietary 'do's and 'don't's from Ayahuascero Javier Arevelo Shahuano, who will preside over the Temple of the Way of Light program that the C-Realm listeners can attend prior to the 4th Annual International Amazonian Shamanism Conference: Continue reading 93: Diet and Preparation

91: From Apprehension to Respect


In this special Friday episode, KMO welcomes Alan Shoemaker back to the program to talk about the upcoming International Amazonian Shamanism conference in Iquitos, Peru and revisit some of the topics that KMO covered in episode 89 with AyasminA.

Cover Art by David Hewson -

89: Ayahuasca, Alcohol, & Marijuana


KMO talks with AyasminA, who deflates the ayahuasca hype balloon and re-sets expectations with a much needed reality check. KMO and AyasminA also compare notes on the role that alcohol and marijuana play in the evolving global ayahausca consciousness.

The mp3 on PodOMatic is broken and will remain so until Monday. You can download the full episode here in the mean time:

87: The Way of Light


KMO welcomes Matt W. of the Temple of the Way of Light to talk about the experiences that lead him to start this community in the Amazon and what awaits the C-Realm listeners who join KMO for a pre-conference retreat there in July of 2008.

If I didn't respect intellectual property rights on the podcast I would have played 'The Light' by Love and Rockets.

75: Archaeologies of Spirit


In this episode, KMO discusses the temptations of power on the shamanic path with Matthew J. Pallamary and techniques for reconstructing the prehistoric human mind with Gyrus.

Matt Pallamary (or Mateo as he likes to be called) is the author of Spirit Matters and Gyrus is the author of Archaeologies of Consciousness. You can find either book in the C-Realm Amazon Store, or you can order directly from the publishers. Normally I would encourage folks to order through Amazon so that the C-Realm Podcast earns a commission, but in this case, you might want to get the books directly from the publishers. The authors get a larger share of your purchase price when you order directly from the publisher.

Mateo's publisher:

At the end of the show, I read an excerpt from American Vulgar: The Politics of Manipulation versus the Culture of Awareness by Robert Grudin.

Gyrus' publisher:

KMO interviewed Matt Pallamary in May of 2007 for the Psychonautica podcast. You can find that episode here:

67: The Shift


In this installment of the C-Realm Podcast, KMO speaks with Nate Hagens of about the various fantasies for replacing fossil fuels with bio-fuels, synthetic fuels, or anything else that will supposedly take up the slack when global oil production peaks and keep our first world of happy motorists shuttling great distances everyday in their shiny metal boxes.

Later KMO speaks with Yasmeen Grant about the new CBC radio documentary, "In Search of the Divine Vegetal," and finally we hear from fellow podcaster, Lorenzo, about how sudden disruptions to business as usual can effect an instantaneous change in consciousness that evaporates the ethnic, economic, and ideological barriers that divide our communities.

One might be tempted to think of the CBC as Canada's version of NPR, but unlike NPR, they don't seem to keep an archive of their shows on-line for folks to stream or download. They only seem to sell their old programs on CD. You can listen to the entire program for free here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

C-Realm Listener Veeg has pointed out another podcast that actually features excerpts from the CBC radio segment on Search for the Divine Vegetal. You can find that podcast here:

You can find the full text of the material from Richard Heinberg that I used to introduce Nate Hagens here:

Check back tomorrow for the extended interview with Yasmeen Grant.