Remember Haymarket!

Remember Haymarket!

The conversation in the round with C-Realm listeners recorded at Age of Limits 2014 continues here in the Vault with talk of uprising and resistance. The creeping reality of debt peonage gives us cause to resist, but by what means? In terms of being able to use technology to coordinate protests and active resistance, We the People have never been better connected, and yet it seems like the more connectivity we enjoy the more complacent and acquiescent we become. What’s up with that?

KMO ends with a rant about how we have allowed ourselves to become the most professionally entertained lambs to slaughter in history.

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  • Paul Heft

    KMO, that was a very interesting discussion, thanks. But I was more impressed by your observations after the discussion. Perhaps it’s time for another essay or blog post, because I think your ideas would be of interest to many beyond the vault audience.

    • KMO

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for those words of encouragement. A combination of illness, travel, and a return to the creation of the C-Realm comic strip has pushed writing new blog posts too far down on my to do list, but I hope to get an update out before I leave to go pick up my kids on the 15th of this month.

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