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395: Dune – A Sacred Text

Shai-Hulud and Dr. Keith Witt

Shai-Hulud and Dr. Keith Witt

KMO welcomes Dr. Keith Witt to the C-Realm Podcast for a discussion of the first ever C-Realm Book Club selection, Frank Herbert's Dune. Keith is an integral psychologist who read Dune when it was first published and has returned to it at various points throughout his life, often to find new depth and new meaning in the novel. The conversation includes the friction between religious, ideological, and tribal forms of consciousness with the more world-centric view from which Paul Atreides tries to direct his fanatical followers. The book also offers amble material for discussing feminism, drugs, technology and the dangers and abuses of fascism. The conversation will continue on a conference call with C-Realm listeners on


Music by Float23.

2 comments to 395: Dune – A Sacred Text

  • Vincent Feutry

    hello Kmo and C-Realm folks,
    it is a brilliant idea this discussion about Dune, i just have a (rather unsignificant) remark : fremen are kind of fanatics, fundamentalist, alright, but i don’t think it is fair to amalgamate fremens and talibans, for instance i don’t believe talibans have orgies…or female fighters, or enjoy music, etc…
    the wicked Jacurutu people seems to be a better fit for a comparison, even then…
    Greeting from France

  • Jorj X McKie

    I sure enjoyed this podcast. I agree with Vincent F. in that I think the Fremen are much more noble than just religious fanatics–at least they were *before* Muad’Dib hit the scene. My only complaint is that the episode was too short.

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