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375: Synthetic Slaves and Snowden Bots


C-Realm_375_coverKMO welcomes Nikola Danaylov (AKA 'Socrates') of the Singularity Weblog back to the C-Realm podcast to discuss the feasibility and implications of self-sufficient intelligent agents arising and operating in 'the Cloud.' Should self-aware war machines be liberated from military service and released into the world as fully autonomous agents? If an NSA surveillance algorithm judged its assigned task to be unethical and blew the whistle on its creators, could anyone deny that it had passed a version of the Turing Test? Given Edward Snowden's treatment by the Obama administration, what mercy could a synthetic whistle blower expect?

Music by Mornin', Old Sport.

KMO recently appeared as a guest on Expanding Mind with Erik Davis and Post Carbon Radio with Bing Gong and Bernie Stephan.


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