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370: New Kinds of Cobblestones


C-Realm_370KMO welcomes author and podcaster Douglas Lain back to the C-Realm on the eve of the publication of his novel Billy Moon. The conversation starts off with some light banter about tv shows before moving into the events of May of 1968 in France. In the novel, Doug has placed Christopher Robin Milne of Winnie the Pooh fame in Paris for the 1968 uprising. Topics covered include the invention of "childhood" once industrialism had reduced the need for child labor, Occupy Wall Street and it's seeming failure to force concessions from the oligarchic class, and the dream of bringing imagination into the world of work.

Like KMO, Doug is planning a couch surfing tour which he hopes to fund with a Kickstarter Campaign.

Music by the Cadillac Moon Ensemble.

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