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345: Muddling Through

Dr. Dennis McKenna

Dr. Dennis McKenna

KMO welcomes Dennis McKenna back to the program to discuss science fiction, futurism, and the predicament of 21st Century global civilization. The conversation was recorded in the home of Alexandre Tannous the morning after Dennis presented a sideshow and readings from his new book, Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss: My Life with Terence McKenna. Dennis explains that the screaming abyss in his book title is partly inspired by H. P. Lovecraft. A recurring theme in Lovecraft's fiction is the idea that science and the search for knowledge may well bring disaster and ruin to humanity, and Dennis agrees that our thirst for knowledge must be tempered with caution and thoughtfulness and that we need to get over our infatuation with our own technological capabilities and move beyond our concept of nature as something we can own, control and exploit for profit.Music by Jon Margulies.

The conversation with Dennis McKenna continues in Psychonautica episode 091 and concludes in C-Realm Vault episode 024.

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